A copper earring in the shape of an astrological symbol for Mercury served as our foundation for the logo. It was crafted by a close friend of Elias making his logo a keepsake just like the handmade jewelry. We photographed the jewelry and I used the image to create the custom logo. Elias’ personal birth chart is very Mercurial and Saturnian, also giving further inspiration to add dark textured metal visual elements.

Lou has been a wonderful person to work with and comes highly recommended for all creative matters with regard to design and branding. They bring a really positive vibe to the table, and are adept at organically synthesizing the many interests and values of their clients into a cohesive whole. As a client, I felt like I could relax and focus on my own creative ideas, knowing that all the details were in good hands.

Elias Romero

Astrologer & Musician