Mr. Moxey's

My Roles

Brand Specialist


I was brought onto the marketing team at Mr. Moxey’s to revitalize this brand after this simple candy had found itself with an overcomplicated visual identity. I did this by stripping away many of the unnecessary visual accents. Then adding a dash of pink to give all the colors of the brand a pleasant and approachable background. Once the pink was in place it pulled the brand together. Then I created an engaging social media campaign to connect customers with brand values and product education.

Mr. Moxey’s Founder and CEO felt like their branding had gone awry with a complicated visual identity and ethos. They brought me on to the marking team as a Brand Specialist to redirect the pathway the brand was taking.

A pink background answered many of Mr. Moxey’s prayers. In their product portfolio they have a rainbow of ‘moodstates’ - what Mr. Moxey’s calls each of their blends of cannabinoids, herbs, and flavors. This created a problem when you placed all the products together the visual identity quickly became cluttered. After analyzing the brand’s issues and the product’s color pallet I landed on this vintage candy shop, Wes Anderson inspired pink.

As a cannabis product on social media Mr. Moxey’s faced a lot of challenges and was starting from a blank slate with a fresh account. I built a sustainable strategy with robust content that would keep the account supplied with posts for over a year.

Vendor days are a cornerstone of Mr. Moxey’s marketing. We used templates to post to the instagram accounts stories to advertise when the brand would be visiting stores. Once in the store Mr. Moxey’s would be represented by a brand ambassador with educational materials on a branded table with a Mr. Moxey’s display. From the vendor day story to the tablecloth and display I created a seamless brand experience in pink.