Volunteer Park Conservatory

My Roles

Marketing Director


The Friends of the Conservatory is a community driven nonprofit supporting the Volunteer Park Conservatory. I worked with this organization from 2019 to 2022, starting as the Marketing Director on staff and then moving to Board Member and Interim Board President. While on staff I brought the instagram account @vpconservatory from under 3K followers to 11K, ushered the organization through a rebrand launch, along with creating a range of marketing campaigns.

The Pandemic started during my tenure as Marketing Director. As so many were struggling to adjust to a new social norm, our non-profit also lost its main way of connecting with our members because the Conservatory allowed no guests during the shutdown. I harnessed the power of our social media and started live streaming from inside the Conservatory. The streams quickly went viral, and because the account was full of beautiful and educational content we retained many of our new virtual visitors as new instagram followers. Our account quickly grew from 3k followers to over 10k, with many engaged and supportive followers that the account continues to retain 4 years after.

Dynamic posters were created for all of our programming and events. As our main form of marketing, these posters were meant to be eye catching and to appear in many formats across platforms.

Creating programming myself was an exciting opportunity at the Friends of the Conservatory. As a small nonprofit there was lots of opportunity to craft programming and learn many dynamics of nonprofit management. I created every aspect of this Cacti-Terrarium class from marketing to teaching the class.

We collaborated with @themintgardner and Studio Life to create this special virtual watercolor class. I created the poster with the watercolor example from the class, as well as shooting and editing this promo video.

Annual Reports became one of my favorite things to do while I was on staff at the Friends of the Conservatory. I loved going above and beyond to make a bespoke print of the annual report to match the beauty of the Conservatory.

Plant Sales were our main fundraiser and source of income, advertising them was at the center of my focus as Marketing Director. For our sales in 2020 I asked local artist Kelly Bjork to donate illustrations to be used in the plant sale marketing for the year. The illustrations were so popular we also made a tote bag and sweatshirt with them as well.

Lou's response to the conservatory's closure in March 2020 was swift and innovative. They led collaborative efforts with volunteers, leveraging social media to maintain access to our collection, resulting in a significant Instagram following increase from 2k to 11k within a year. Despite leadership changes, Lou seamlessly transitioned into new roles, advocating for staff interests and serving as interim board president, demonstrating unwavering commitment to our mission.

Lauren Moore

Non-profit Director