Jazz Babies Podcast

My Roles

Designer, Podcaster


In 2022 I created this podcast about Jazz and Swing Dances, along with my co-host Chris Yoon. We are both newbies to the rich world of Black American Vernacular Dances and Jazz Music. We learn about this art by interviewing those in our community, and take our listeners around for the ride, baby. After branding our podcast I created a collection of album covers to promote some of our episodes, as well as creating merch.

This American Life was my inspiration for this personal episode. I explored the different worlds of the New Orleans and Seattle swing dance scenes through audio storytelling.

Merch was created so that people could connect with other Jazz Babies on the social dance floor, or brag that they have graduated to a Jazz Adult.

Vintage Jazz Albums have always been very inspiring to me. For this project I made custom covers for many of our episodes.